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On this episode of Blogger Evolution, we delve into a new case study called Project Bach. The episode focuses on niche selection and the importance of having a monetization plan, beyond relying solely on display ads. The speaker shares their experience with a plateau in traffic and revenue when they merely relied on ads. The episode discusses a silo structure for the website, the importance of prioritizing authority flow, and the speaker’s current niche, which is largely untapped.


Additionally, the episode focuses on building high-authority backlinks, creating topical authority, and using tools such as Ahrefs and Long Tail Pro for keyword research. The episode provides actionable tips for bloggers, including infusing past experiences and stories into articles and not relying solely on Amazon for affiliate marketing. Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to follow along with Project Bach’s 12-month journey.

If you are interested in building niche websites or just want to learn more about the topic, you will be thrilled to hear about Project Bach! This case study follows the journey of a seasoned niche site builder who is creating a new site from scratch. In this episode, the host discusses the key aspects of the case study, including niche selection, monetization, and content strategy.

One of the biggest takeaways from this episode is the importance of monetization planning. The speaker emphasized that starting a niche site without a clear plan for monetization beyond ads would be a mistake. While ads will be one source of income, the site will focus on affiliate marketing and building an email list. The speaker learned from a previous case study that relying solely on display ads led to a plateau in traffic and revenue. Only once affiliate marketing was added did the site see significant growth in monetization.

The episode also covers the promotion of an essential page on the new website – the best keto diets section. The speaker explains that they will occasionally break their usual rules to ensure the important page gets more visibility. The strategy involves creating multiple articles to direct traffic to the monetized post. The strategy will be structured more strictly for a public case study, which promises to be quite exciting!

The niche selection is also an essential topic covered in the podcast. The speaker chose a niche with significant potential for monetization through affiliate marketing. The niche is exciting because of the wide range of products and digital courses available to promote. The speaker highlights the importance of not relying solely on Amazon for affiliate marketing, but in this particular niche, Amazon pays commission rates ranging from 6 to 8%, which makes it valuable.

The host also discusses the importance of experience and expertise in niche selection. The speaker has a history and expertise in the double eat/eids space, which gives the speaker an advantage over someone who is just doing it for money or content creation. The speaker can infuse their experience and stories into their articles, which makes for valuable and authoritative content. Even if you are not currently active in a niche, past experience can still give you the expertise to talk about it. These insights just highlight the importance of being passionate about the niche you choose to work with.

The podcast explores the tech stack used for the website, which includes Ahrefs and Long Tail Pro for keyword research and tracking. Ahrefs is particularly beneficial for a site with a Domain Rating of 16. The speaker will be looking at lower-ranking sites for keyword research and borrowing their successful keywords. This keyword research strategy will come in handy to leverage low competition keywords and start ranking the website fast.

The speaker and host have not disclosed the name of the niche or domain name. They reveal that through keyword research, they found that there are not many strong sites in this niche, and the ones that exist get a lot of traffic. They are targeting more affiliates rather than just page views, which shows a new exciting way to monetize a niche site.

The speaker explains that the site structure involves linking from the home page to subtopics, and from subtopics to more specific topics like meal plans and long tail keywords. This shows how topical authority is an essential factor for ranking on Google rather than just having flat content on a website.

In conclusion, Project Bach promises to be an exciting case study for niche site builders, and this episode covers many essential topics related to niche site building. The podcast is valuable for both beginner and advanced learners, as it highlights the importance of planning, experience, and expertise in niche selection.

Additionally, it underscores the importance of affiliate marketing and building an email list as essential components of niche sites. If you are interested in learning more about niche site building, make sure to subscribe to the podcast to follow the exciting journey of Project Bach!

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