Surprise Update on the Project Colven Case Study

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I did something very risky that may tank one of my sites…

I bought an aged domain with the idea of redirecting the site to my niche site.I get it, I am typically “Mr. I Don’t Backlink” just let it come naturally.But there is a saying that goes, “You are the average of the 5 people you hang around with most.”I truly believe that peer pressure can be both positive and negative, and since I relaunched the Blogger Evolution podcast, I have made more of a push to interview leaders in our industry.These are the people that we follow in social media. People I follow just like you! (Adam Smith, Arielle Phoenix, Mushfiq S, Mike East, Jeff Bridenstine)And there has been a growing sentiment about a particular subject… Aged Domains.What is an aged domain?For those wondering, Aged Domains are online businesses that existed at one point, but for some reason or another, no longer exist.It could be the business folded, a larger business lost interest and didn’t need it anymore, or it could simply somebody dropped the ball and the domain wasn’t renewed (among other reasons)Why Buy an Aged Domain?It’s simple… you can build a blog faster. MUCH FASTER.How much faster? Well, Carl Broadbent has been building on an Aged Domain and within 4 months is already bringing in 16,000 page views a month and skyrocketing in growth. He even admits he’s never seen growth like this before.Yeah, I want that too, lol.Are Aged Domains Beginner Friendly?Yes and No.Yes because, it’s basically like building out any wordpress blog. There is nothing different there.Even handling the redirecting is not “rocket science”.The part that makes it risky, is not knowing what you are buying. the vetting process for an Aged Domain is intense and if you miss something, you could be buying a dud. Scary, I know.Which is why I get help from those that do know what they are doing.Plus, scared money, don’t make money, right? lol.So What I’m doing?Well, I have noticed from asking around that the success rate with aged domains is pretty high (60%+ ) Some may not consider that very high, but I do, so there… haha..So, what I have learned is that you have to keep your ear to the ground at places like, Serp.Domains, and even GoDaddy Auctions.The perfect domain is like finding a needle in a haystack. The chances of you finding the perfect domain is pretty low when you only look once.So I checked back about once a week for over a month, just to see what was out there and earlier this week, 4 domains popped up. (crazy, right?)After doing some “due diligence”, checking the domains out and seeing if they were worth the money (and being able to bounce an idea off of the guys over at Niche Website Builders) I settled on one.About the Domain I Bought…This domain was a doozie.It is in the exact niche as the Project Colven Niche Site, plus it has backlinks from places like Wall Street Journal, USAToday, BBC, even SportsBusinessJournal.Those are mind-blowing links that are extremely difficult to attain.Mathematically, I had to do it.So Now What?So now I have to make the trek of redirecting the current domain.There are a handful of strategies that Mushfiq at TheWebsiteFlip and Adam at Niche Website Builders talk about and I plan on doing an amalgamation of what they recommend.Thankfully, I recently bought the “Course on Aged Domains” from Mushfiq over at TheWebsiteFlip>> Click Here to Check out Mushfiq’s Course on Aged DomainsIt’s totally worth picking up to expand your knowledge. It’s one of the reasons I decided to even give this a go.There is currently at $100 OFF Discount if you take advantage ASAP.Let me know if you think I’m crazy for trying this… lol.. Talk Soon,Chris M

P.S.This was a longer email, but just to sum up what happened:I bought an aged domain to 301 redirect the Project Colven niche site hoping i can grow it faster.If you want to learn how to buy aged domains and not waste money, get some direction and learn how to vet and spend your money wisely by checking out Mushfiq’s Course On Aged Domains! It’s currently $100 OFF.>> Click Here to Check out Mushfiq’s Course on Aged Domains

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