SEO Blog Case Study With Aged Domain: Project Colven (Month 0)

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In this episode, we’ll be discussing the chronology of our SEO blog case study. We’ll be starting with the acquisition phase and then what we will do to grow it. We’ll also be discussing the different methods that we’ll be using to improve and grow the website’s ranking.

My plan is to take the site that is currently worth $5980 and flip it for over $100,000.

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I’m calling it Project Colven

I’m not going to reveal the niche nor the domain name for this case study, we’ll be discussing how we were able to rank for a high-traffic keyword from the previous month.


I love this niche, it is a hobby of mine.

Super important to have a niche that you enjoy to make sure that you stick with it.

I will write a lot of the articles, some with Jasper and some by myself.

How did I validate the niche? 

Sellers.json is an open source file that allows you to see what websites have waht ad networks.

The one that I am interested in is the sellers.json file from AdThrive.

AdThrive requires 100,000 sessions per month which means each site on the list has over 100,000 sessions per month.

I simply hit control+F and searched terms through the thousands of websites, the niche that I jumped in had 5 sites! Which was enough validation for me.

How i found the site

I found the site on

It’s a 4 year old domain with 42 articles earning $155 per month via Amazon and Ezoic.

I purchased it at a 38x multiple of $5890.  

What I’ve done so far…

The point is to make tweaks. to the current layout of the site and monetization to increase earnings overnight.

I bought Mushfiq Sarkar’s Easy Wins. This is a spreadsheet that focuses on helping you flip website. The spreadsheet is very simple, and I believe that it will help me improve the monetization of my website.

  • I changed all of the affiliate links on the website to Amazon
  • Changed hosting to WPX Hosting. 
  • Installed Link Whisper to help with internal linking.  
  • Changed theme to Astra Pro. This was a great change as doing so got the site speed up to 98 on mobile 100 desktop

On Boarding Issues with Ezoic

They told me that some of the site was plagiarized and my heart sunk… but after a little back and forth, I was able to contact the manager handling my account and she pushed the site through.

Makes me wonder what would have happened if I did not have a contact on the inside.

Quick Tweak

Top 10 highest trafficked affiliate content and improved it.  

  • Added Tables with AAWP
  • Removed prices from tables
  • Removed Yoast SEO (Going with no SEO plugin)

Removing Yoast was a headache… but WPX hosting was very helpful and make the process more tolerable.

I added a few more things.

  • NinjaTables Pro
  • Turned off comments
  • Shortpixel for next gen formats for the images

How I plan to grow the site with traffic and income

I also reached out to a couple of vendors who I thought could help me improve the income. I gotta find something better and higher paying than just Amazon.

I’m going to hire writers from WriterAccess to help me get to the 200 to 250 articles i am looking to get to.

However… I will still write all affiliate content and reviews, it’s just easier.

What we will cover in each month’s update. 

  • Problems and concerns over the month
  • Traffic
  • Income
  • # Articles added
  • Biggest TakeAways moving forward.

Project Colven is my SEO blog case study where I want to increase the traffic and income.

Listen to the podcast episode since it is more detailed!


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