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Welcome to Blogger Evolution podcast

Welcome to Blogger Evolution podcast, where we help bloggers and online business owners evolve and scale their businesses to make more money from their blog.

In this episode, Mike Beatty shares his journey of building a successful online business that has helped him generate six-figure income.

Mike’s journey started around 2010 when he and his wife, both international teachers, started a blog to document their travels. Over the years, Mike stumbled upon income reports of people who were making insane amounts of money from blogging and decided to venture into that space.

Here are some of the key takeaways from this episode that can help you evolve and scale your blogging business:

Focusing on SEO for Best Chance of Success

Mike shares that during his one year off work, he tackled multiple tasks related to his website and tried to monetize it through various channels.

However, he realized he wasn’t earning any more than before and needed to reassess.

He dropped everything else and focused entirely on building one website and only on SEO for the best chance at success. This tactic paid off as he’s now making a six-figure income.


Monetization Strategy Can Greatly Impact Your Earnings

Mike shares that his website was getting around 70,000 hits before a December update, but dropped to around 50% of that after the update.

Monetization strategy can greatly impact your earnings from a podcast. He suggests choosing the right keywords and sponsorships to earn a higher RPM (revenue per thousand listens).

Building Relationships is Key to Successful Outreach

Mike advises that one way to get links and guest posts is to reach out to people on social media, particularly those within your existing network.

He suggests leading with value and trying to help others before asking for anything in return. Building relationships and making friends is key to successful outreach.

Consistency and Habits are Key at the Beginning

Mike suggests building consistency and habits at the beginning of starting a business.

However, it’s vital to take the time to build a sustainable business with a long-term vision instead of something that ranks and tanks quickly.

Focusing on Helping Users Instead of Algorithms

Mike advises against worrying about the percentage of commercial content versus informational content when creating a website.

He emphasizes the importance of having a clear idea of what topics to cover and providing thorough information on those topics, including subcategories and related keywords.

By focusing on creating content helpful for users instead of algorithms, a website becomes more focused and valuable for its visitors.

Skyscraper Technique for Building Quality Links

Mike suggests building content hubs based on a main seed keyword and having every article come under one of them. Internal linking from relevant articles helps signal Google that the article is good, even if it doesn’t have backlinks.

However, using SEO tools can lead to rabbit holes and confusion for both Google and the audience. It’s important to stay focused on the original plan and not get distracted by low-hanging fruit keywords.

Offering Reciprocal Guest Posts is a Way Around the Difficulty of Getting Links

Mike emphasizes the importance of peace of mind in link building and highlights the difficulty of getting links from high-quality, reputable websites. He discusses a new tactic of offering links from high Domain Authority sites that are low quality in exchange for guest posts.

In conclusion, evolving and scaling a blogging business requires a focused approach and proper strategy. As highlighted in this episode, it’s important to focus on one thing, build consistency and habits, and create value for users. We hope that by

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