How to Make Money with Clickbank on Autopilot (Free and Fast!)

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When I first started with affiliate marketing, I was introduced to the same place most beginner affiliates are introduced… Clickbank. 

So if Clickbank is so widely known and everyone uses it why is it difficult to make money with it?

Easy… most people do not know how. 

To earn money on Clickbank on autopilot, you first need to find an offer on Clickbank you like, create content promoting that product, then sending high-quality traffic to the offer in hopes people will buy through your affiliate link. You will earn income from any sales made through your link. 

So since we have the barebones process defined, how can we make money with Clickbank on autopilot?

Easy… by following this helpful guide! Read all the way through for a free special offer to get you started not just with Clickbank but with any affiliate programs.

How to Make Money with Clickbank on Autopilot For Free

How Clickbank Works (for beginners)? 

To get a process in place to make money on autopilot, it is important to understand a birdseye view of how the process works. 

Once you become an affiliate marketer, you need to find something to promote! Clickbank contains thousands of products. But not all of those products are good to promote. 

Clickbank works by promoting digital products by anyone that pays them money to show to affiliates. 

It’s kind of like a newspaper that accepts money to place advertisements in their content. Just because a company pays the newspaper money to place the advertisement, does not necessarily mean that the product is any good. They just happened to have had the budget to put it in front of your eyes. 

So, since Clickbank accepts nearly all comers with the right budget, it is up to you as the marketer to choose an effective offer that can turn into sales and money in your pocket. 

How to Choose the Perfect Clickbank Product

There are three main things I look for when choosing a Clickbank product. 

Using Video

In today’s marketing landscape, one of the best ways to convert people from strangers to customers is to show them a video. 

This is huge. 

A video has so many benefits including building trust with a potential customer, easier to consume the content, and can be entertaining. 

There is a group of people that like to read and there is a group of people that like to watch video. But from my personal experience, I have found that the ‘readers’ are more likely to buy watching a video that someone who is a ‘watcher’ buying from reading something. 

So right there, you have already doubled your audience. 

So use this as one of your main factors in choosing an offer.

Ease to Purchase

When you are scouring the endless number of offers on Clickbank, look at the landing page and run through the process that a potential buyer would traverse and see if it works. 

The absolute last thing you will ever want to do is send a ton of traffic (free or paid) to a product where the potential cannot purchase for some strange reason. 

If you go through the process yourself, you will know for sure it will work regardless of what kind of traffic you send to the offer. 

Also, check out other things like if the call-to-action (CTA) button is easy to see and easy to click. Where does it lead? What kind of payments do they accept? Is it misleading? Are you only buying what you need and or are you bring upsold 10 times? 

Have your referrals follow the path of least resistance, meaning make the purchase process extremely easy to maximize your conversions. 

The Eye Test

How do you feel when you land on the page? Do you feel compelled to buy after reading the wording or video on the site? Would you want to make the purchase? 

If the landing page satisfies YOUR ‘eye-test’, it helps cut down on the tons of trash that is available online. 

Do not forget that you were once a consumer rather than a creator. Think like your future prospects. If you are not convinced, your followers will see that you are not convinced  leading them not to buy from you. 

So go with your gut feeling and look to provide a quality service and product to your followers. 

how to make money with clickbank on autopilot

How to Become a Clickbank Affiliate

Becoming a Clickbank affiliate is fairly straightforward. 

They also let nearly anyone become an affiliate, so you do not have to worry with getting approved or anything. There is not annoying interview or questions you have to follow. 

You can really achieve that goal by following a few steps. 

  1. Go to the Clickbank home page and click ‘create account’ at the top lefthand corner. 
  2. Fill out your information on the next page. This includes your name, address, phone number and email address. Be sure to be truthful with this as it is a real business with real people promoting products and making truckloads of money, so take it seriously. 
  3. Put in your banking information. Clickbank needs that to pay you once you have income from your new business.
  4. Finally, they will ask you some clear account information to get you setup. This includes a user name, password, security question and some other disclosures. 

Two other things of note. They will ask you for a social security number or a Tax ID. If you do not want to use your SSN that is perfectly ok. But be sure to go to and sign up for a Tax ID. It is free and won’t cost you a dime. 

However, I still recommend you seek a CPA or a lawyer to make sure the business you are running are legitimate. 

Next is to follow the steps above with choosing a good product to promote. 

You will then get your affiliate link (or what Clickbank calls a ‘hoplink’). The hoplink is the link you have people click on so that if they were to purchase the product you recommend, you will get credit for sending over the referral. 

So now what?

How to Drive Traffic to Your Clickbank Affiliate Offers

Now that you are signed up and you have your hoplink, how do you get people to click it? Without ​people to click it, you will not make any money. So this is a crucial part of the process. 

You will need to decide on how you want to get eyeballs (or as marketers call it, ‘driving traffic’) to your offer. 

There are several ways to do this, but they all boil down to two main categories: Free and Paid. 

Free and Paid traffic both have their pros and cons. Paid advertisements is something that can happen right here and now. In fact, we could setup a landing page buy traffic and have sales by the end of the night. 


We can go the free route, which takes longer, but is more sustained. Meaning it can eventually become passive where you do not actively work on it to make money AND there is little to no upfront cost. 

Which way you go really depends on your situation, your budget, your expectations, and just how fast you want this to work. If you are short on cash, the free methods will be your best bet. 

I recommend everyone master one paid source and one free source of traffic. That way you can build and have more control over the money you will be making. 

The best way to drive free and highly qualified traffic to your blog is to use Wealthy Affiliate. It is the place that taught me to blog and because of it, I run multiple sites that all make money online. So go check it out Click Here and sign up for your free account. 

Is ‘Autopilot’ a Realistic Expectation?

The quick answer to this is, YES. 

But the realistic answer is that it will take work on your part. This is not something that will magically appear from the air and you will make money on autopilot. 

Putting in work and dedication to an online business will get you exactly what you put into it. If you put in zero time and don’t care, then that is what you will get out of it… zero. 

So be patient, find one source and follow it. Do not jump from product to product. Find something you like and stick with it until you have made as much money as you want with it then move on to something else that may interest you in.

Clickbank is a great resource, but there is also a lot of crap out there so choose something you like and would buy yourself before trying to force it down the throats of your potential customer. 

What You Need to do Now…

So now you know making money with Clickbank on autopilot is possible, but it is now time to put action to what you have just learned. 

Otherwise, what good is the knowledge if you do nothing with it? 

So go to and become an affiliate ASAP. 

Find a product you are interested in.

There are 1,000’s so I am sure you will find something and promote it. 

If you want help to promote it, click here and sign up for my email list. I will give you 1 on 1 help to get your business off of the ground. 

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