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In this episode we talk to Amira Irfan from where we talk about everything under the sun when it comes to the legality of running a blog. 

She first got into the legal game when her self-employed father was sued for $90,000 when she was in college. She then made it her mission to become a lawyer and to help protect the little guy (or gal!)

This was a brilliant interview that is totally deserving a listen if you have or have thought of having anythign to do with online business. 

This isn’t just for blogging either, if you own a small business at all, this will be of use to you!

Check it out above or you can download it on your favorite podcatcher with Apple, Spotify, or Stitcher

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Chris Myles

Chris Myles AKA Benji's Dad has been blogging since 2015 and quit his job to blog full-time. When our son Benji was born, I needed to earn a 2nd income from something that didn't take a ton of time away from my growing family and so my wife could quit her job to care for our son. After a lot of bumps in the road, I finally put everything together and was successful with my blogging business. I will teach you to create content that converts readers to customers, get your offers in front of the right people using SEO, and deepen the engagement you have with readers and your super-fans by using other social media platforms like YouTube and Podcasting. If you want to take your blogs to the next level and make money online - The Blogger Evolution Podcast is for you. Welcome!

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