Benji’ is now Blogger Evolution; Strengthens Its Position in Helping Those Wanting to Grow.

Do not worry! Chris is still here teaching and training ANYONE who wants to attain a life of true time freedom, but under a new name, Blogger Evolution!

If you are looking for the Marketing Pulse SEO Newslesster, it is RIGHT HERE or click the image of him below (isn’t he cute? lol).

What Happened?

So we all grow up and change, right?

Well, that is what this is…

I am still a dad to the most exceptional 6-year-old ever, and he is my number one priority. But businesses grow and change as time goes on.

So, I started a podcast and settled on the name Blogger Evolution, and then the podcast grew faster than I expected. I even started writing reviews on awesome products I use daily, like

So, instead of juggling two sites, I have merged the sites together.

What does this mean?

Honestly, nothing is really changing. I still have my YouTube channel and Twitter/X, but along with the podcast.

From this page, you can still access my UPDATED Recommended Tools with all the software I use to run my businesses.

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